Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free Bee 2012.... February Block

I've been wanting to use this photo as as inspiration, for a quilt, ever since my husband took the picture in 2010, when we were visiting our daughter,in Montreal. It's obviously a favourite of mine. 

Here is a loose sketch..... for my February block.

I'm thrilled, to be in a group, with so many talented quilters.

 This is a very free and improvisational group. Each one of us will come up with a different block inspired by our own surroundings. The theme being urban, industrial, graphic, wonky....improvisational. Hmm, what else, did I cover everything?

As I was deciding, what to do for this month (February being my month), I came upon the work of
 Elizabeth Barton

With her permission, I will show you some of her amazing work.

As we draw inspiration, from our own surroundings,
 we will definitely be influenced by this amazing  body of work,

by Elizabeth Barton.
Be sure to check out her website here or her blog here.

Be prepared to be blown away!!


  1. You have come up with a great idea for your bee. And thank you for pointing me to Elizabeth Barton, her work is wonderful!

  2. Great inspiration! It's my hometown!


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