Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still in Grandma Mode

As if I don't have enough on the go, I thought I would quickly put together a small quilt for my little grandson, who is due this spring. After all, I had four pieces of Minky left and the operative words are small and quickly. It's not like I had to go shopping for fabric or anything.

I wasn't sure how well the Minky would take to the spiral quilting...

Not Bad

These little stuffed animals came with, two squares of are actually supposed to cut the animals in half and sew them to the fabric some how. Yikes, that's not happening in my studio. I used two for doll quilts and joined the remaining four and made a small baby quilt.

I also made pillows and mattresses for my little doll beds.

All I have left to do is the binding on the baby quilt and I'm happy. 
All that and I still had time for a Christmas lunch with my fellow blockheads....some days are just way more productive than others.

 I'm motivated because my daughter flies in from Montreal tomorrow and she takes after her father (Mr. Christmas) so there could be a flurry of activity around here for the next ten days...I can't wait to see her.


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  2. Heartbreakingly beautiful! I miss my grandma. Not that she made me any of these things, but she loved me and I loved her and I miss her. tinakatwal @ gmail . com

  3. Cute.. Cute ..Cute!
    Grandma mode is a nice one to be in!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. These are so cute, I love the quilt! And I am so glad no stuffed animal surgery is happening, he is very cute as he is. I hope your daughter arrives safe and sound and sings Christmas carols with Mr. Christmas and such.

  5. This looks great, with your contemporary spin. Can't imagine what they were thinking with the animal!

  6. oooooh - delicious! Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. how cute. looks like a soft plushy fabric. baby will love this.


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