Thursday, August 18, 2011

It was Love at First Sight....for Jessica

It was love at first sight for Jessica, when she saw Strips on Stripes 2011

Quilt Label
So guess where Strips on Stripes is going ?
You guessed Montreal with Jess and Jeff. It will be so hard to see them go tomorrow, at least a little of my love is going with them.

Love you guys.....this quilt should look right at home in your new, funky, loft-like apartment.


  1. They are very lucky and what a great quilt for their new home!

  2. This quilt is fabulous! I have come back to look at it time and time again. Your daughter is so fortunate to have it!

  3. They will think of you each time they see the quilt. How nice.

  4. It's so wonderful sending a quilt to a place where you know it will be loved.

  5. What a wonderfully creative, good Mom you are!


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