Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Accident....Or the Distracted Mover

I thought I would buy a new duvet, for the new apartment, because we will have a regular bed rather than a Murphy bed, so it will be seen from many angles and this one struck my fancy. My new duvet wrinkled like crazy in the wash (grumble grumble) but you should see how many of our things work with this fabric. 
So being the color junkie that I am, I'm running around the apartment taking pictures, smiling about my happy accident, instead of packing.....we move on Thursday...it's a bit strange because we are moving, right across the street.

Are you seeing a bit of a color theme here??

Well, back to packing......

and some more packing. My new sewing space is going to be bigger!!!!!!!
Hmm, maybe I'll just take a break and read a novel or something. I'll keep you posted

Also, Thank you Heather, for featuring Strips on Stripes on  Modern Day Quilts. Heather features a quilt a day...well worth checking out.


  1. I love that duvet cover wherever it is! You do have a bit of a theme going on and that is a good thing. I am moving soon too . . . but my sewing space is becoming oh so much smaller . . . no one really needs to visit or sit on the couch right?????? That's what a coffee shop is for. Good luck with the move! Not my favorite thing to do, but I guess we must.

  2. You clearly have some favourite colours! Good luck with the move!

  3. OOHH, a bigger sewing room.!! That will be fun to set up. Good luck with move, hopefully you have big strong men to help out.:):) Sandie

  4. How cool is that! You have such a good eye for colour! Hope the move goes well. Jxo

  5. Love to see your artwork choices - its fun to see that you incorporate your strong color choices in so many aspects of your living space!

    Good luck with the move - I just helped my son move, and it's a lot of work. I'm grateful for moving men! All the best - Chris

  6. wow your house is so coordinated!
    So colourful & happy :)

  7. heh, good luck with the move! i'm often caught doing things like this b/c i'm in denial.

  8. If you would change your comments to "pop up window" you will probably get more comments. Right now I have to uncheck keep me signed in to leave you a comment and then go back and sign back into my own Google account afterwards.

  9. Hi Anonymous...I have taken your sugestion, but am answering here as you are set at no-reply. I hope it makes a difference.

  10. Happy to watch, your artwork selections, its fun to see that you incorporate your strong color selection in so many aspects of your living space.

  11. Thanks Addicted...It does sort of seem to spill over.

  12. Those lining of fabric and plates are same, definitely You take idea from plate and book 's colour. What a fun work you did with three things, books and fabric and quilt also.


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