Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"No Rhymes just Words, I Write like Marianne Quilts" Judy Chartier

 For some reason I was a little crabby as I started sewing this morning. I hadn't worked on this project since February and of course, lost any notes I might have made (if I made any at all)  In the first hour, I had ripped out more than I had sewn. After making a few phone calls, I gave up and went out for lunch with my husband...and then a little shopping.

 In my last post, I  jokingly referred to this as my West Coast one of my quilting buddies wrote a crazy little ditty and challenged the rest of us Blockheads to come up with something too. When I got home and opened my email this was waiting for me:

Marianne's Studio

Light bouncing off color and pattern...

Women's laughter and tears

Shared over the years...

Babies celebrated, loved ones mourned...

Thread and fabric formed into comfort and love...

Hearts bound together, friendships weathering the test of time.

All in Marianne's Studio

"No rhymes just words, I write like Marianne quilts."
by Judy Chartier

I am fortunate to have such wonderful friends to quilt with....Thank you Judy...this poem is a treasured gift, as is your friendship.

Now off to finish this quilt...with a tear in my eye.


  1. A lovely poem, with beautiful quits to accompany it!

  2. This quilt is so wonderful, I love everything you have done with it.

  3. The quilt is spectacular. I love all of it...

  4. I just hate that you seemed to have lost your notes, but it seems you have over compensated for the loss. :O It has left me speechless with awe, unlike your wonderful poetess friend, Judy. Thank you for sharing it all.

  5. The quilt is just gorgeous!
    The poem is lovely too!
    Hope your enjoying your day!

  6. Lovely words, and the quilt looks spectacular.

  7. I love what's happening with this quilt -- awesome!


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