Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Block Finished....Now What???

Yes, I finished the last block for Strips on Stripes this morning, but now what???

There they are, all on the floor....I'm missing my design wall back home.

I swear, at times like this I have no idea what I'm doing.....what is the best way to join these up?? Here I go making a huge mess, as I try to decide my next step.

A few layout possibilities.

Bring it to a different room for different lighting.

Audition a few fabrics for joining strips...who knows??? Sometimes the process is tedious other times things click into place immediately.....a little tedious today.

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  1. I love those strips/stripes ! This is going to be lovely when it's finished !

  2. Those are really GREAT!! What does it look like with the strips going all the same direction? Can't wait to see what you do..good luck!

  3. I LOVE these 'strips on stripes'! Could you talk about how you do it?

  4. Hi Joyce,
    I'll answer here, since you are set at no reply. I'll probably do a how-to in the future but have a few projects I need to get off the to do list first.

  5. This is looking so great! I look forward to seeing where you go next.

  6. Very nice! I'm sure what ever you decide, will be wonderful!
    Have a great day!

  7. I love your style. It is always fun to see what you are doing.

  8. Maybe this is a trite comment, but I must say: whatever you decide will be absolute perfection. Hang in there girl. It will click for you and be astonishing!

  9. Great blocks and they will make a striking quilt. Look forward to seeing what layout you decide on in the end.

  10. I just love your stips on stripes blocks. They remind me a bit of rag runners we used to have on the walls next to our beds when I was a child, but your blocks are of course more beautiful.

  11. Oooo, I like the second layout! Love those stripes!!


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