Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mom's Out of Control!

Many years ago I went on a jacket sewing binge...a particular trend at the time. I was working, in a very large fabric store, that had an even larger clearance wall. Need I say more? I decided to incorporate numerous fabrics (and I mean numerous) into a what I thought was a very stylish, patch work embellished, type winter jacket. As I spread my precious pieces, all over the table, my then teenage son, came in the door, looked over my shoulder, rolled his eyes and said "Mom's out of control!" News Flash....Mom is still out of control. Might I mention, I did wear that jacket for quite sometime...with a few compliments, I might add. I think I was quilting before I knew I was a quilter.

 I need two small blocks, as a sample, for the QAYG tutorial/Joining the Blocks, with Narrow Strips (still working on that).......I see a whole lot more going on here, than two small blocks.....perhaps a whole quilt.

I thought It would be nice to have a few more stripes for those two small blocks....a short trip to the fabric store, and apparently, I don't know the meaning of small or few.  Hmm, anybody else, out there, out of control??


  1. Love what I see so far -- it looks like it'll be a gorgeous quilt!

  2. Beautiful stripes! Now that is something I need to add to my stash. Good thing we have a snow storm or I will be heading to the store!

  3. I'm in love. Where do you shop?!? I've never seen such terrific stripes.

  4. Oh,I can spot a good stripe a mile away. I actually got all but two, in the clearance section of a quilt shop in Langford,BC (ClothCastle).

  5. I have no stripes in my stash ~ that's going to change soon :)
    I'm going to check out the clearance sections too.
    Love the quilt you are working on. I always check your blog because I'm so excited to see what you are working on!
    Headed to Palm Springs this weekend, and yep I'm taking my computer to read quilt blogs :)

  6. P.S. would you interested in putting together a kit for me?
    I love your fabrics :)

  7. oo me me me at least hubby thinks so

    im starting to think hes right hmm dont tell him i said that =P

    i decided like a month ago i was gona finish off the quilts i have fabric for before i get more smart idea huh

    well i found a out of print fabric i NEEDED then i found another fabric i liked on sale so i snagged that and did i mention the OOP was a jelly roll and the sale one was a layer cake o and i had to get the backing and binding to lol

    im so out of control its not funny i also am planing another order i need help is there a quilters anonymous?

  8. If there was they wouldn't have any trouble recruiting members...of course you have to want to change and I'm not sure that I really do.


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