Friday, January 28, 2011

Finding a Home for My Quilts

I don't know about you, but finding the right person, for one of my quilts is serious business. Oh, there are times I make a quilt specifically for someone...such as baby quilts etc, but many times I just start creating and let the quilt talk to me. Often I'm not sure what direction it will take and If I start, with someone particular in mind, my creativity gets stunted....will he or she like the colours, the patterns and on and on.... rather than just letting go and letting it happen. Even making a quilt, for a specific spot, in my own house can be a bit stifling.

Not Your Paint By Number
The closer I came to completing this quilt... the voice of an amazing 4 year old, kept ringing in my head. We had gone to visit the (retired) grandparents, who happened to be, big into paint by number that year. My wonderful boy was truly puzzled and appalled.  He  later asked "Who would paint by number??...I'm Unique!"

That was thirty years ago!!  This one's for you, Mark. 

Love Mom


  1. I love this quilt and I think it is absolutely perfect. I'm glad you didn't paint by the numbers.

  2. aww, sweet story! i have the same dilemma and end up squirreling away more quilts for myself than I ought to.

  3. Wow, that's such a great story, and a great quilt!

  4. love the story AND your quilt! I am really getting inspired by you to get a bit more creative in my quilting (now if I just had your sense of color!)

  5. I think that your blog is the best blog I have ever seen. I like everything you have done. when I saw that yellow and brown funky check..I just knew I would like it all. I have that fabric which sat in the clearance section forever till I got it for a few dollars cause no one wanted it. I love your stories and your quilts and your husband..ha cause he is a saint like mine:)

  6. I was wondering if you have any instructions or wisdom on your design "wall" I think I like it better than covering a board and trying to figure out where to put it when someone comes home and needs their bedroom back...

  7. Design walls are amazing things. I covered a foam core type board (home depot) with warm and natural batting for mine. I have it mounted on the wall. I don't have the exact name, of what I used, because I am away from Edmonton at the moment. Angela at has a great tutorial on her blog about making and mounting a design wall. Hope this helps.

  8. I love your quilts! This one is awesome and thanks for sharing the sweet story. You are great inspiration!


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