Friday, February 11, 2011

I Sort of Knit Too

Did I mention I  knit, sort of.....I start many projects and finish few. Chawne's blanket reminded me of a few projects I have hidden away. You really need to check out Completely Cauchy....completely inspirational, thought provoking and funny. Her use of colour will leave you breathless.

I started this log cabin thing in 2006...after seeing Chawne's finished one, maybe I should give this another go. 

Just playing around

Fantastic Book...has a sort of patch work thing going on.
When I get back home, I might actually photograph some of those knitting works in progess. Who knows what I'll find.


  1. If I knit, I think I'd do these patchy type of things too. They look great!

  2. oh, yes! this knitting looks really promising. i hope you get back to it some time.

    thanks for the shout-out!

  3. I know quite a few quilters who knit - as I do - but I've yet to meet a knitter who quilts!

  4. I'm sure they're out there. For me I have been sewing for many more years than I have been knitting.


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