Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back to Winter


My tulips have wilted......and my time in beautifu British Columbia is over. Going back to Winter, I shouldn't complain to much, I was here a whole month.

Putting away the quilting stuff.

I was sort of busy here. What did I do anyway....besides spending countless hours in blogland?

I started Strips on Stripes here and am going to leave it behind....... to work on, when I'm back...not sure when that is.

I'm tempted to take it back with me, but it's nice to have something, on the go, for when I come back.  Hmm. the last time I did that (twice before) I just started something new, because that 's what I do best. 

Yep, three projects to finish, when I come back...I guess they'll wait for me.


  1. Hope you had a safe trip home :)
    My new book came today ~ Quilting Line + Color by Yoshiko Jinzenji. Wonderful, beautiful quilts!
    Just don't know what I want to do, a QAYG or one of the quilts in the book!!
    Just waiting for fabric to come in the mail and then I will decide.

    Can't wait to see what you are going to do next :)
    Cheers ~

  2. No, no, no :)) Big mistake :)) Don;t leave them here. It's a shame to remain a WIP for a couple of month, they are so vibrant.

    Ok, well, you did it already. You know what? It's great! You'll finish them later. No you won't :D

  3. Hey Marianne, that painting is so quiltlike. I love it. More info?

  4. HOW can you bear to leave them behind? I would be compelled to take with. But then, individuals we are. So I am anticipating your next posts. Lovin' all your inspirations.

  5. Oh my word that is looking AMAZING!!!

  6. Stripes on Stripes (or is it Strips on Stripes?), anyway, it is beautiful. I love that your bedspread looks like a border! When I saw it from a distance I thought what a cool choice for the edge. And the stripes are just really striking. Dan


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