Friday, January 7, 2011

Quilting Spirals

I have been asked about quilting spirals. It's fairly easy and lots of fun to do.
  • Works well on Quilt As You Go blocks because they are small and easy to spin around.
  • I have done one big spiral on small baby quilts as well.
  • When I first started doing these I would start by drawing the center of the spiral freehand, using a fabric marker (disappearing) going clockwise. Now, I don't mark at all any more.
  • Use a walking foot and set your machine at a needle down position, if possible
  • Start stitching in the center of the spiral and go around clockwise.
  • Start with a very small stitch length or just back stitch a few stitches to secure the threads at the beginning of the spiral.
  • I use the edge of the presser foot or a quilting bar as a guide depending how close together you want the quilting lines.
  • Then you just gently, sort of spin the fabric counter clockwise.
  • Using quilting gloves or fabric condoms as my friends and I like call them (you know we can't feel the fabric......and it's all about ...never mind I digress) is very helpful.
  • Try it, you'll like it, but beware it's very addictive and can make you a little loopy.
  • If you are wanting spirals on a larger quilt, free motion quilting is the way to go, but that's another story


  1. thank you for your tutorial...I had no idea you are using a walking foot to do the spiral...great tip!

  2. Would love it if you could do a short video....I love spiral quilting!

  3. Hi Jody
    That's a whole level of technology I'm not quite up for yet...but it's a good thought, maybe in the future.

  4. haha fabric condoms... you must have a ball when the blockheads get together! Quilt is awesome! BTW, since you do have a Pfaff, do you have a preference between Pfaff's built-in walking foot compared to the ones you purchase separately for other machines?


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