Saturday, January 8, 2011

Forget the Mess.... Just Start Sewing

The last quilt hasn't hit the washing machine yet and I'm on to the next. Now a smart person would at least pick up the scraps from the last quilt before starting the next one but.....

as you can see....I'm just not that smart. I just couldn't stop myself. We are sort of snowed in here again anyway and I did manage to get the Christmas tree down today. So this was my reward.

The machine sews through these beautiful fabrics like butter.


  1. What's the striped fabric? It's gorgeous! Me too I'd be inspired to sew with something like that on my table :D

    P.S. My tree is still up :">

  2. this certainly is my approach. only after an epic mess develops will i take a break to tidy up.

    i like the looks of the back of our previous qayg project. maybe i'll give it a try with that in mind? seems like you enjoy this approach?


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