Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Apartment Quilting/Renovation Update

Did you know that in the seventies QAYG (Quilt-as-You-Go) was sometimes referred to as APARTMENT QUILTING. Quilting in sections takes up less space than more traditional methods.........especially when it comes to basting.

Since my home is still under renovation, I have been spending my time APARTMENT QUILTING.

I took a WIP (work in progress) from way too many years ago and turned it into a charity quilt. The apartment was a bit dark so I took to the snow, for a few pics. The weather was so mild I was out without my coat.....what a mild winter we are having.

Charity Quilt

Quilt Back

Such scrumptious fabrics.

I've also been playing with a bundle of linens from Moda..........those colours!!!

I think I have taken APARTMENT QUILTING to a whole new level. It didn't take me long to set up a few foldable and height adjustable tables from Costco....alright so I set up four, I do have a tendency to get carried away.

And it wasn't my fault that the guys working on my renovation took down some of my design wall.......so I threw them in the car and leaned them on two of the tables.

Below are a few renovation updates..........

The cabinets were installed on Monday..........I am absolutely giddy with excitement!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, my bedroom is a disaster........we moved the doorway.

I decided to be brave and give the half-bath a hit of turquoise........and why not!!!

I am loving the white cabinets with the blue.

Well back to my APARTMENT QUILTING...........what else is a girl to do when her house is under renovation.


  1. Apartment quilting. You're braver than I am!
    And what fun to see your renovations in progress.

  2. never heard of it called that - thanks for the education :-) loving your reno progress, and that blue....

  3. Love the cabinets. You are brave and is your husband sounds very supportive. Good for you - bringing things that keep you being creative and productive with the apartment quilting.

  4. Love the cabinets. You are brave and is your husband sounds very supportive. Good for you - bringing things that keep you being creative and productive with the apartment quilting.

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  6. You know, I really think I need to try some QAYG this year...I need to make a queen-sized quilt for my bed and they are so painful to quilt (without a longarm) That might be the solution...I love all of yours. I really love those linen colors too - are they real linen? Good choice on the turquoise - it looks so great with the white, I agree. Glad to hear you are keeping on with the sewing even in a small apartment.

  7. Having lived through my fair share of major remodeling projects, I know what a giant pain they are but in the end so worth the inconvenience.

  8. I can't think of a better thing to do while your under renovation.

  9. What exciting times in your life, Marianne! Thanks for the design wall tutorial. My husband helped me make one last week and it went off without a hitch! Hope to see you at MQG Victoria soon!

    1. It's been amazing so far, Heather. So glad the design wall worked out. I hope to be out there in March....I'm looking forward to it.

  10. I love the quilt, and the renos are looking wonderful!

  11. I wish I could come visit...someday soon;) Have fun with your new look!

  12. It is a really positive initiative that you have taken to fill up your time with something you find rewarding like quilting. This helps to calm the mind and get you to focus away from chaos of renovation works as opposed to stressing yourself out and thinking of moving back in.

  13. HI! Marianne, Your quilt and fabrics are lovely, a charity will be very pleased to receive it. The renovations look great ,I love the white and turquoise together.

  14. I just spent an hour going through your blog and catching up ... what a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of coffee this morning ... I am so happy that things have settled down for you. Beautiful work.

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  16. Love the color turquoise! Wish I could do that here. Such a cooling color.

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