Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Unexpected Delight

Every new learned technique is like another tool in the tool box or another colour in the palette, to be explored and applied in anyway you like. The more tools in the box the more options available to you as a quilter.  You don't have to use any technique in the same way a particular book or teacher does....just add it to your arsenal of tricks and apply it your way.   Or,  mix it up with other techniques and see what happens.  After all, this your creative journey
After arriving in Victoria,  I had the unexpected opportunity of going to a workshop, on elongated triangles, by Katie Pedersen, co-author of the book Quilting Modern.  I have been reading Katie's blog Sewkatiedid for several years, so I was thrilled to spend some time with her, here in Victoria.  Katie teaches a very informative workshop with a relaxed and calm vibe.  I  love having the freedom to take the technique in any direction I wanted. A few of my quilting buddies were waiting to see how long it took me to deviate from the instructions.....darn, I messed up my first triangle.....but hey, I loved the result anyway and just went for it.


Of course, I couldn't resist turning it into a QAYG project.
 Katie, sharing all of her beautiful quilts!!
 So lovely seeing Katie's quilts in real life.

 There are those  lovely Elongated Triangles

 Not only did Katie bring a carload of quilts, just look at her beautiful display of cushions.

 Jo-Anne and Katie
And as usual, me with that goofy smile I seem to reserve just for photos and Katie (just sharing a laugh over something outrageous Jo-Anne said to get us smiling).
All in all, what a lovely unexpected week.


  1. Awesome....when I saw the first photo I thought birch trees!!:)

    We are watching Cedar Cove which was filmed up there in your area. So beautiful!

  2. I've had the pleasure of taking a couple of Katie's classes - very fun!

  3. Your quilts are always the unexpected and always a delight. Wish I could have been there. One of my dreams is to be in a Katie Pedersen workshop.

  4. Love the triangles! Lucky you to be able to attend workshops :) I've been a blog fan of Katie's for a long time. Would give anything to be that creative.

  5. I had so much fun. I wish I could come back;)


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