Sunday, January 18, 2015

Quilty Happiness is Finding a Spot for Your Ironing Board!!

It really doesn't take much to make us quilters happy does it. But SERIOUSLY.....finding a permanent spot for the ironing board is BIG!!!! I know, I know, I really need to get a life.

And just maybe, I might even make a new cover for it!! Gotta love that fabulous Marimekko fabric!!! 

This is actually a secondary Ironing Station, very important, as I have Quilty Friends that come and gab, drink coffee and quilt.....lately more emphasis on the gabbing and coffee. What can I's just as therapeutic as quilting!!!

What you are seeing here is what I like to call the "Industrial Zone" of my studio. My condo has a lovely walk-out basement with a view of the river. But being a condo, part of the basement has no windows and of course a huge furnace etc....being Alberta!!! The walls are drywalled and painted and the concrete floors are painted as well. This is the part of the studio where the long arm lives, along with many, many meters of fabric. 

The space is approximately 700 square feet and is dived in two. It is my goal to utilize this space to the best of my ability. 

Every bit of wall space has to have a function.
 A Marimekko Bulletin Board is just a bit more Quilty Happiness.

Now, back to the "Public Zone" of my Studio.

More Quilty Happiness.....a huge, black design wall!!

And.....adjacent to that a smaller, white design wall.


  1. The whole thing sounds like a dream space. No wonder you are happy

  2. I love it and wish I could have a cup of coffee with you and your friends. I wish I could have a cup of coffee with MY friends! You're so lucky to have a space like this.

  3. Your space just gets nicer and nicer.

  4. I love your space utilization--I am needing a secondary design wll, too--right now i have a portable piece of heavy white board that I lean against any available wall in the house--hugs, Julierose

  5. I really find it difficult to be truly organized and the ironing board is for me a bit of an annoyance because it takes up so much space but is such a necessity. My mom had my dad put a pull out one under her cutting table, which was a great solution for her, but I do my cutting downstairs on my awesome kitchen island, which was built for us tall people (about 39 inches as opposed to the standard 32) by my husband and is perfect for my 5 foot 11" self for cutting. Anyway, your space is fabulous! Can;t wait to see what comes out of it...

  6. Lovely design space. How great to have two design walls.

  7. Love the black design wall. Is it black batting?

  8. Sometimes it just takes time to get everything just right! Keep plugging away! I have a pressing station at the end of my big 8' x 8' table. Sometimes I have to move the iron and pressing pad when I pin baste a large quilt, but having that big table is wonderful! I need to make a new pressing pad - one more thing on the to do list! The pressing station is located right behind my sewing machine so I can either stand up or roll the chair over a little bit and press something real quick.

  9. Great space!!

    I'm running a fabric giveaway, you are welcome to enter and win fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop!

  10. I'm wondering if I have this right? My craft room is 37 sq. meters (27 x 14 sq feet), so if yours is 700 sq meters, you are a lucky, lucky artist! :-)
    I love how you have it set up, and I am stealing the idea of tucking the ironing board in a little niche. It is looking so nice...

    1. Yup, I made a should read 700 square feet.

  11. Wow very impressive room, I'm sure you cannot fail to feel creative when you are in it. That is some serious organising well done for completing it. I hope your daughter is in better health soon.


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