Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Next??

As usual, after completing a large project, I'm feeling a little lost....not quite sure which project to tackle,next. There's certainly not a shortage of Works in Progress kicking around.  BUT ....... there is always the call of something new.

While in Victoria, I did a small trunk show and gave a short talk for the Victoria Modern Quilt Guild. What a fabulous group of quilters. Fifty-two quilters at the meeting!!! That's fantastic for a group that just started last fall. Thanks so much for letting me practice on you.

 Here's me waxing eloquent.....or here's me hoping I did!

Or at the very least, do I look like I know what I'm talking about? Lets hope!!!

Well....I could finish unpacking and sorting, from our move last fall, but that's no fun. I better cook me up a new project to work on.

I did spend the day with my fellow Blockheads helping a fellow Blockhead with a stalled project.....we all know how projects just get stalled out now and again. Don't tell anyone but we actually gab more than we quilt.  The girls then took me out for a belated birthday my quilting buddies.


  1. I would have loved being at your trunk show and talk to see your work in person. Love the name Blockheads. Is that a quilting group you belong to? Maybe a little unpacking a day followed by a lot of fabric playing will move both along. Good luck.

  2. That's a big group - wish you could come to our MQG meeting. Gabbing and quilting go together quite well and I"m sure your friend's stall is better off for it.

  3. You did indeed wax eloquent, and beautiful too Marianne. Thanks again for coming and know that we're always happy to see you. Good luck with your next project!

  4. Lucky Victoria quilters, you know so much about what you speak about, I know it was great.


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