Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Taste of Spring

A long awaited taste of Spring......we are back at the coast, after a long, cold winter.
First things first.....a walk in the sunshine!!!

 Then, it didn't take me long to be up to my eyeballs, in fabric.....the project I can't blog about is due this month and I'm having so much fun except I miss sharing it with you.

On Sunday, The Victoria Modern Quilt Guild had it's first Sew Day....what a lovely day!!!!


  1. The crocuses are lovely. I am glad you are sewing and hanging out with the Victoria modern folks.

  2. It must be so lovely to be in the sunshine; wish I were too. Happy spring quilting. :)

  3. Lovely photo’s of Spring!
    We are also enjoying the most fabulous Spring wheather here!

  4. I'm revelling in spring too. So happy to see flowers, blossoms and sunshine. And also sick of having 'secret' projects I can't blog about. Just delivered the last one on Friday. Now have to wait until I can talk about them. Ugh!

  5. I have a Quilt Blogs bookmark with a comfortable number of blogs that I read, faithfully, every morning with my coffee. You are one of them. I was reading Terry Grant (andsewitgoes.blogspot) today and she talked about not having as many comments left as she once did and wondered if she was blogging in a "void." Essentially, I think people are still reading but not connecting. So...naturally....I left her a comment. And then I decided to go back to everyone else I read this morning and say "hi." I love your work. Thank you.

  6. Welcome back to the coast! I will be attending your trunk show on the 20th. Looking forward to it like you cannot believe!

  7. Can't wait to hear/see what you're working on!!! I'm using your QAYG on my grand son's T-shirt quilt!!! I've made two pieces using your method already and love,love, love it!!!! Thanks so much!

  8. It was wonderful to see my childhood beach and Spring in my hometown. Thank you for sharing your walk in the sunshine. Best of luck as you work on your project!


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