Monday, January 20, 2014

Balancing Act

Not only am I a quilter.....I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a friend. Often I fall short in all of the above, because finding balance is not always easy!!

 This week I'm in Grandma mode, as I have my little Autumn Claire (15 months) for the week....her parents and big sister are in Mexico, for a much needed vacation. Smiling brown eyes and dimples.....need I say more, we are so in love!!! There's a reason women my age don't have babies.....every evening my husband and I fall into our easy chairs exhausted, even though she is good as gold.

Just as I have more than one role so does the space I live quilting studio has to serve more than one purpose. I have the toys for the four grandchildren in a bedroom right next to my studio....this room also serves as a guest room for out of town guests. As you can see the playpen is all ready to go for my wee girl.

 My studio has to function as a family room and a home office as well as a sewing space. The cutting table makes a great craft table for my three year old granddaughters.....I love to nurture their creativity. My biggest challenge so far is to make the space look good (the stairwell from the upstairs is very open), have it function well and be safe for when the little ones are here.

The glass door hides a multitude of equipment.....needless to say, I have a lock on the door. Curious one- year olds and long-arms don't mix all that well.....I have a fear that my one year-old grandson will think of the frame as monkey bars.

As you can see, my fears aren't totally unfounded!!!

Behind those doors it's still a work in progress!!!!! During nap time I try to keep working, on getting this organized.

I even managed to finish this little sweater....I started it almost three years ago, sigh!!!

Sooon very sooon I hope to get some quilting done.....the quilter in me is feeling neglected!!!


  1. What a beautiful place you live in--and so orderly!? Enjoyed your previous post as well with your new machine. Then it hit me--I'm thinking of turning my regular little ol' Singer sideways to try FMQ that direction. Such a simple solution, yet so brilliant. Thanks!
    best, nadia

  2. A fine balancing act, but you sound like a pretty content woman, other than not quite enough quilting time.

  3. So many hats to wear ! And it seems like you are coping really well by great planning and organisation! Wishing you that extra quilting time!

  4. Thanks for the glimpse at your working space - and have fun with the little one ;-))

  5. Your home is looking so great! The sweater is wonderful, I remember when you were knitting it on the airplane. Have fun grandparenting this week. Oh, and how lovely to see you features over at SewMamaSew.

  6. Gramdma mode is wonderful, I've just added that role in my life. Your home is so beautiful. Good luck getting in a little quilting time soon.

  7. Love seeing glimpses into your creative space, Marianne!

  8. balancing is such a hard act! But it is so nice to have grandchildren visit, isn't it?

  9. Thanks for sharing your views - enjoyed reading your post. Please visit my page and give me your views please.


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