Friday, April 5, 2013

Snow Day In April

 A snow day just means more time for quilting.

 I'm obsessed with these wonky circles


  1. I love them too. Really really nice...and the colours look smashingly good. You are soooo clever. Please may I have some of that?

  2. I'm loving your new work and can't wait to see it all completed.

  3. ohhh I've really loved following these circles all week - I hope you're share one of these posts on Off the Wall Friday - not only do I love arcs but I love the palette

  4. The irregular lines and widths are so interesting, and your color palette is wonderful. I enjoy watching this progress.

  5. I've loved watching these come to life on your blog. Could you please share some of your piecing tips with the rest of us?

    1. Thanks, Diane....I'm planning on putting a tutorial together soon.

  6. Glorious colours. I'm so impressed with how quickly this quilt has come together!!

  7. I'm looking forward to your tutorial because these circles are so wonderful. I just can't imagine them not being really fiddly! i, too, love your colors (in all your work, actually).

  8. P.S. I was born on April 27th in upstate NY in the middle of a blizzard. Maybe it's one reason I love Los Angeles. 75 here today, beautiful sunny weather!


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