Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Day...Another Spiral

Another day, another spiral....resulting in a ripple effect. 

Ah, the I love them. 
Would you believe each one of these blocks uses a little more than one bobbin....that's a lot of spiraling. 


  1. That is a lot of spiralling, they must be reasonably big blocks. I sure love the colours and the quilting just makes them even better.

  2. So awesome! Did you do this on a domestic or long arm?

  3. Love these, and now I want to go and do spiral quilting!

  4. Really awesome quilting, love how the curve on the black and the blue are taking it off in another direction, its like the whole things moving!

  5. BELLISSIMA. Amazing.
    ciao Linda

  6. OOOOOohhhhh - simply beautiful!

  7. Wow! Good to know on the bobbin details. That's a lot of stitches! Beautiful work!

  8. I love these blocks and the quilting. Two questions: how big are the blocks & how far apart are the quilting lines?


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