Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Following My Quilting Bliss

I'm following my Quilting Bliss by playing in the Scrap Bin. 
Even though this quilt isn't finished, it created a lot of interesting QAYG scraps while I was working on it. 
 They have been calling my name
 Would you look at that striped fabric I picked up before Christmas....without even thinking of this particular set of scraps. It was probably in my subconscious somewhere.
 I have no Idea where I'm going....NOW THAT'S MY QUILTING BLISS....the excitement of the unknown.


  1. That’s an awesome collection of scraps! Have fun!

  2. Wow, that quilt at the top is gorgeous and the next one you're making with the "scraps" is looking so good too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. the excitement of the unknown is the best part of doing something creative. be sure to show us the finished quilt.

  4. Your quilt and scraps are are sew wonderful ... :)

  5. Both of those are looking great, it is so interesting to see what you will do next.

  6. I find this very interesting and will enjoy seeing where you go with this, for I have these type of scraps but QAYG is new to me, I love your Tutorial and LOVE your artistic design, please teach this as a tutorial.. thank you so much

  7. The color combinations are great. I will be looking forward to seeing this grow!

  8. Really fantistic! I love stripes (and polka dots) because of the great geometric things you can do with them. This is really cool!

  9. yes, it's fun to work that way!


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