Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Creative Funk or Fabric Flying Everywhere

I got into a bit of a creative funk this know, fabric flying everywhere.

 I almost bit my poor husband's head off when he innocently asked if I was doing another re org. Can I blame that on my artistic temperament?? Ach...I didn't think so.

My studio, out here on the coast, is not as hidden away as it is in Alberta, which means my messes are NOT hidden either.

 Doesn't everybody know, creativity requires fabric flying in all directions....well at least in my case it does.
This is another work in progress that I started a little while back, so that's a plus. 
Let us see how long the funk lasts and where it takes me. 


  1. When the creative juices are on overdrive other things like, being tidy, patient and controlled to the casual observer, go to the wall. You just have to ride the wave and go where the flow takes you. And, boy is you mojo flying at the moment - love these blocks

  2. My man despairs over the spread of the sewing cupboard... I now use the spare room too (the cupboard is a cupboard of the spare room) and that means he has to see it all... Boy do I get in trouble! But when you get in the flow of making and ideas are coming and you get in a good sewing zone... tidying would kill that off!

  3. gotta go with the flow of the mojo!

  4. Lol, I get that way too and the fabric is flying and often the leftovers are in wads. And have pity on one who interrupts me when it is mooing full tilt- I certainly don't want to be messed with.

  5. I'm lovin' this new one A LOT!!!

  6. Hey, I don't think you can expect to be THIS creative and be neat about. I mean, REALLY! Messes just go hand in hand with the creative process! :)

  7. No time to dust or tidy... there are quilts to be made! That's my motto, and I'm stickin' with it! Love the results of your flying fabrics.

  8. The project is so beautiful, surely he is unable to look much at the mess when he can look at those beautiful blocks. Sewing in my bedroom is even worse, there is no way to hide it at all and a reasonable amount of regular tidying is required.

  9. if you keep tossing fabric around something will land in front of you that will be just the piece or color that will get the juices flowing again. or walk away for a bit.

  10. Love this soooooooo much! And here in my house, I don't have a sewing room, I sew in my music/family room! You can imagine how my husband is "happy" for finding fabrics, fabric's boxes, fabric's bags, for all around! Sometimes he tells me that one day we will find some fabric in bathroom! :))

    1. Hmm...storing more fabric in the bathroom, how innovative...just kidding, or maybe I'm not.

  11. Nothing better for the soul than flying fabrics. Keep those pieces in orbit and one will eventually land in the perfect spot. I know because I had to wade through 3 piles to get to my computer in order to check in for some inspiration. On my way back, I stepped on the perfect piece.


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