Monday, January 21, 2013

Back on the West Coast

Alberta is just a little cold at the off I ran for warmer weather. And would you believe it, instead of starting something new, I'm finishing a Work In Progress!!!!!

It took me a few days to get going.....
I'm here with a fellow quilter and the sound of her machine humming everyday got me motivated. 
 Seeing heather in bloom in January is a sight for sore eyes to an Albertan.
We even found a tree starting to blossom.....oh, the wonder of that in January.

Walking, quilting and laughing......oh and even a bit of knitting, what a lovely way to spend January.


  1. Thanks for this glimpse of my hometown. you are lucky to have had a winter break. We enjoyed the weather in Victoria in late november and i'd love to be there now to see the spring blossoms and blooms. Congratulations on finishing another quilt. your quilts are exceptional!

    1. It is lovely here isn' lets see if I actually finish. Thanks.

  2. It is snowing and cold here, you made an excellent choice to be there. The project looks great!

  3. It does sound a great way to start the year and your WiP looks amazing. Enjoy time with your friend :-)

  4. Interesting thoughts on negative space. Your quilt is looking amazing.


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