Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Was Starting to Wobble

Last week my Christmas Crabbiness was starting to creep up on me. Deadlines to meet, gifts to buy, multiple Christmas events and a sore knee that has me spending way to much time at the Chiropractor's office. 

And yes, Mr. Christmas was cranking up his usual Christmas cheer.

This week has me heartbroken over the recent tragedy in the States. I'm holding my little ones closer and pray that God will hold close the victims, of this senseless crime.

As my little granddaughters baked cookies with Grandpa, my thoughts kept going to the families that have lost so much.
Just a little more icing.... 
The Most Amazing Christmas Cookies Ever!
Even Mr. Christmas needed a nap after that event.
And he's not the only one.

It's so easy to take our loved ones for granted. My heart is heavy but thankful. 


  1. Awesome post!
    Your cookies are wonderful.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. I had been a crany bah-humbug girl too...after this horrific event I can only hug my children (grown tho' they are) and my little baby grandchildren...how lucky we are--not to be taken for granted....have a wonderful holiday...Julierose

  3. I remember last Christmas when you made a dollie quilt for your granddaughter. We don't celebrate Xmas but enjoy time together. :D

  4. Those cookies are wonderful...I prefer the first one.
    ciao Linda

  5. Thank you. Your beautiful pictures lifted my heart.

  6. Beautiful ... and so universally true.


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