Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clearly, I'm Design Wall Obsessed!!

Forty one  design wall panels (14 1/2"x 48" each) later.....
and I think most of you would agree, I'm just a tad obsessed.

Maybe I should mention, I'm not quite done yet, in all fairness this is for two studios....does that make me any less obsessed?? I think not. 

I'm not even going to try and figure out how many square feet of design wall that makes, but I'm loving them.
I tore down my two old design walls and reconfigured them. This design wall was put up before my amazing discovery of  Command Strips
I'm almost embarrassed to show you the state of my walls, as a result of screws, Velcro and staples. 
 I had even resorted to using the glue gun...yikes, what a mess!!
 Here are the backs of the old panels, before I started using duct tape....those staple's were a pain to put in and they really didn't hold all that well.

I managed to reuse most of the panels and also noticed how helpful it was to use the temporary spray adhesive, another thing I didn't do the first time (in my defense, that was several years ago).....who knew.
 As you can see I've created quit a mess.
But, the mess was well worth it. I took two smaller design walls and ended up creating one large design wall, adjacent to a window....hopefully much better for taking pictures. 

In the old configuration the window was always behind me, resulting in unwanted shadows. 
As you can see, I've been up to my neck in my basement takeover as well, since coming home.
Just another one of my obsessions (moving things from one room to another).
Bulky couch and chair are gone and my computer has been moved downstairs....there seems to be chaos everywhere.

I'll keep you posted between trips up and down the stairs......and trips to the chiropractor (as I might have mentioned before, the one conveniently located, one block over, from the fabric store).


  1. Your design wall antics make my heart sing....oooo..I am starting but I am more ADD than OCD:) gotta try some of those strips!!

  2. You are amazing. :) I love all your design walls and if I were a different kind of person I would be seething with jealousy. As it is, I'm happy that I have a design wall at all, and look forward to the day when I'll be able to have some like yours! ;)

  3. I hope you have time to quilt too. Let's discuss it over lunch.

    1. Now THERE'S a real friend! Making sure you have a REASON to have so many design walls! :D

  4. Oh my. I have never seen pics of your house like that. Usually yours resembles a modern museum. Glad to see you are human,LOL. Mine looks a hot mess most of the time and I'm not doing any rearranging!

  5. I just had a giggle at the thought of you padding all of your walls! Love it honey and I may have to follow you into the madness that is re-jigging design walls :D

  6. I wonder how the command strips would work on paintable wallpaper? I have a spot that I could add more design wall, but it is covered with paintable wallpaper that I have not painted. I am going to have to experiment!

  7. .......DWO (design wall obsessed)

    .......don't they have a pill for that???


  8. I think it is great. The bigger the better.

  9. I love your wall panels. Have been trying to figure out what to do with my small sewing space, that doubles (triples?) as a guest room and office (with a closet so filled with yarn I cannot close the door all the way), and I think you've pointed the way to me. Thanks!


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