Monday, October 15, 2012

 Improv... rather than patterns or exact methods is the way I like to work. It's a journey that's often a little difficult to describe and takes inspiration from many walks of life.

Jean Wells does a wonderful job of it, in her book, Journey to Inspired Art Quilting.
 Jean also covers the topic of presenting or displaying quilts in unique and innovative ways.

This is  a very well laid out and inspiring book full beautiful photography, where Jean's love of nature shines through.


  1. I must admit that this is the way I've been finding myself working too - each time I start a project is an adventure and a journey of learning how to work around fabric miscalculations, tweaking that design you have flying around in your head, and the journey of delight and discovery in the quilt/project that blossoms at the end ;o)

  2. I love the landscape, I have to look for the book.


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