Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still Fusing....

Alright, this is just downright addictive.  


  1. I like watching where you will go next.

  2. I'm having fun just watching you fuse. I'm thinking this will be amazing too just like everything else you do!!

  3. You are just a genious- it is so wonderful to see how your creativity just blossom and blossom.

  4. Your post last week on fusing shot cottons inspired me to do some fusing of my own. I sorta love/kinda hate the way shot cottons tend to slither all over the place so I gave fusing KF shot cottons a try. MUCH more satisfying! Thanks for the inspiration - and I am LOVING the curvy circles that you put together!

    1. I'm glad it was helpful.....they fuse quite well don't they.

  5. Its Down Right fabulous. I will be glad when I get all my grandbabies bedding down and the 2 wedding quilts so I can play like this. Gorgeous and fun, is right

  6. Isn't that such great instant gratification! You continue to leave me sockless. You are one of the most creative and inspirational ladies out there. Now when will you settle down and write a book about all of your wonderfulness? It would be a best seller!!!!!!!!!!1


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