Sunday, September 23, 2012

Long arm....Partially Fixed

The long arm is partially fixed....I have speed control again.

Unfortunately the stitch regulator is not working now, not that I use it much, but it would be nice to have everything up and running properly. 

 I thought I would just take it for a little test drive.

For the upcoming week, I have a few projects, I would like to tackle.
  1. Curtains I promised to finish for my little grandson....he's almost five months old, yikes!!!
  2. My Free Bee block for September.
  3. Finish testing a pattern for Cheryl 
  4. Pick out fabrics, for a baby quilt, for my little Autumn Claire.
So time to more putting up design walls, for the moment that is. Oh, and did you notice the mending didn't even make the list. 


  1. I didn't know you had a long arm! You are just full of surprises :)

  2. You must be happy to have your long arm working again. I just clicked back on a few posts and have enjoyed them all. I'm now inspired - to take a picture of what I eat all day and maybe I should get a pedometer! I seem to walk 10,000 steps but who really knows?

    1. The pedometer is really a great way to see how much or should I say how little one is actually moving in a day. Also I'm happy the long arm is half way fixed anyway.

  3. Well....Yippee for the partial fix!

    Oh yes....circles/bubble quilting!! My favorite!!!

  4. I saw a few missing buttons on my sons' shirts doing laundry yesterday.....and I thought of you! :)

    Somehow I can see you with Snoopy goggles and a scarf blowing in the breeze as you start up that long arm... with a great big smile!

  5. Guess what? Yesterday I saw a button missing on the top I wanted to wear and put it on straight away!, the glow from my halo is blinding...

    1. I can see it from here....I'll do that as well if I really want to wear something, but did you notice it was my husband's shirt hanging there not mine...interesting!!

  6. Nice quilting Marianne! You don't need a stitch regulator. ;o)


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