Sunday, August 26, 2012

Free Bee August

I don't have a lot to show for last week, in the quilting world but it was one busy week. 

Three birthday parties for various friends...lots of grandchildren time and on and on. Real life does have a way of taking over sometimes. 

Next week doesn't look much better. My kids from Montreal arrive for a week on Tuesday...yippee and a new little granddaughter is due on Labor appropriate.

I did manage to spend a little time working on my Free Bee block for Leanne

As much as I'm liking this block, I think the neutrals are looking to busy for what  Leanne asked. So back to the cutting board.

 So here is the finished block....a little more neutralized 


  1. love the final version! Great editing job!

  2. I really like it both ways. The block is just great. Enjoy the grandkids and especially the new little one when she arrives.

  3. It is perfect, it so reminds me of you and your style. Thank you, I love it.

  4. You should do an online quilt along! *hint* *hint*

  5. Gorgeous! That black and white line fabric (Benartex Wordplay?) gets me every time - I just love it. I love what you did with your circle too.


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