Monday, August 6, 2012

Floppy Design Wall....beside an open window

I've discovered hanging batting, from a decorative rod, makes for a very floppy or should I say unstable design wall. 
Although, it's fabulous for displaying finished quilts. 

Since I often use the QAYG method, my blocks are somewhat heavier.
Hmm, I really should finish that quilt.

My plan is to attach the batting directly to the wall instead, thus eliminating all floppiness.

P.S. I jut walked back in the, things are flying off left and right. The design wall is beside an often, open window!! 

 I might need some insulation board as well. Things are never as simple as they seem.


  1. You could just pin the blocks on the design batting to keep them in place but it would still be a bit floppy. Those blocks are lovely, you should work on the quilt.

  2. I think directly on the wall with an insulation board is best, as you can pin things to it. it's what i have and i love it. You could always hide the wall when not in use by hanging pretty curtain from your rod, or one of your lovely quilts.

  3. Love the blocks... A bit of insulation board really does the job. Hope you get your design wall sorted!

  4. Quilting on the window's edge as it were.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. A friend told me about this, and I love it. A vinyl table cloth turned upside down and tacked to the wall. It is cheap, effective, and portable. I have them all over my house, with different projects. That way I live with an arrangement a little while before I proceed. If I need to work on another project, I just put up another tablecloth over the previous project. It works great for quilt retreats too. You can lay out a project, then just roll it up, and take it home. Not sure how well it would work for already quilted blocks though. I have never tried that. I love your blocks.

  6. I remember a time when an entire quilt blew off my design wall back in the day when I was doing a lot of impressionist quilts and placing each little fussy cut square in just the right place. After that it was pins or no open windows. Dang wind!

  7. Live and learn...that's for sure.

  8. Hello, I LOVE my design wall. It is simply insulation board, nailed to the wall. I used one and 1/2 sheets, finished area is 7 x 7 feet. I covered the whole thing with a medium gray felt (I had to seam it). I love it - got the idea from the artist who works with K.Fassett, says gray is more neutral than working on white, and I do agree. You can pin into it - I've even pressed on it to block something. I've had it for over 10 years, just roll over it with the lint roller occasionally and that's it. Good luck, love your blog and your work!

  9. I use the back side of flannel backed vinyl tablecloth fabric for my design wall. If you don't want to staple it to the wall like I did, you could probably put another curtain rod in a pocket on the bottom to hold it steadier.

  10. Hello Mariann...I know exactly what you mean!! I had the same issue a while back with my design wall. So I put my brain to thinking how to fix it!!! This is what I came up with ..and love it!! Hope this idea helps you. Here is the post By the way..the quilt on your wall is great..look forward to seeing it done! Hugs

  11. I have two 4' X 8' sheets of insulation board covered with a flannel like fabric that I got from my girlfriend's husband. He got the fabric from a truck driver who had rolls of this material refused because the plastic covering had been damaged and exposed the fabric to dirt. THe fabric was being delivered to a hospital and they used it to wrap instruments up for sterilizing. So I got the fabric for free! I also have another design wall that is 7' x 8' that is also covered insulation board. I find that if I had more space I would use it! I have my board attached to the wall with one screw thru a washer. The washer gives more area for the screw to grab and hold the panel. I have had the issue of the pieces blowing off with an open window so I have learned to pin my pieces just in case!


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