Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fresh Sorting Day.......

Whoops, I mean  Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts....

Since most of the month of June, was spent, with my head in the scrap bin, so to speak, it feels more like Fresh Sorting Day. 

Very little sewing, but lots of sorting went on.
I finished my free bee block for Lynne, now just to get it in the mail.
I did a quick QAYG scrap block...because I couldn't help myself, sorting all those scraps was such a temptation, to play a little.
I set up a humungous scrap system.....then flew off to the west coast.

After rearranging the studio, out here a few times, I threw myself back into sorting. I don't have near as many scraps to deal with here, as I do back home. I thought I would set up a smaller version of the scrap system, I have back home.

I already had the let the sorting begin.
And, I just had to show you the nifty, oversized safety pin I found for my wall. Thanks for telling me to stop rearranging and go shopping instead, Leanne !!!

Lily's Quilts

So if you have a minute, pop over to Lily's Quilts and see what everyone's been up to.


  1. You made me laugh, the pin is wonderful, I am so glad I suggested shopping. Happy Canada Day and I love both those blocks!

  2. My goodness that's a lot of scraps! I'm on a mission to keep scraps to a minimum by using them up in quilt backs. I know many quilters find them useful in the creative process, but I find them a burden. Maybe that will change if/when I have more space.

    I love your block for Lynne. It's wonderful that it could fit in both your Free Bee quilt as well as Lynne's.

  3. Regarding safety pin art, we have a big one in SF

  4. Impressive sorting... could use a little of that myself, but I'm almost afraid to look!

  5. Nice! I need to do some fabric sorting myself. This is definitely inspiring :-D


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