Friday, June 15, 2012

Late Night Scrap Play

After handling scraps all week.....I just couldn't resist a little scrap play. 
It's well after midnight and I should long be in bed, so please forgive the photo quality.


  1. You must have been in the 'zone' to work past midnight, but I bet you are satisfied with the panel.

  2. It looks like maybe you have the start of a new quilt.

  3. i love your late-night antics!

  4. Nice block! I'm always up past midnight, I just wish it was creating blocks like yours.

  5. I'm a night owl too. Your block is wonderful, worth a little lost sleep.

  6. Lovely!! Your last post inspired me to sort through my stash, so thank you for that! :)

  7. I love your quilting so much it has inspired me to start quilting. Your midnight work is awesome!!! johnette

    1. Thanks so's wonderful to know that.

  8. Had to write and let you know I just finished my first quilt with your qayg method. I am hooked!!! about halfway through the process, i called my best quilty friend and had her look at the method. she is finishing up her first quilt using this method. no dragging a quilt through or throwing it over my shoulder is soooo relaxing. this quilt is for a charity quilt for our local guild and i can't wait to "show and tell" how it was made. expect a lot of hits on your
    p.s. i think that last quilt, that won the bloggers festival, was absolutely stunning. more posts on your process would be very interesting and helpful.

  9. Heck, I don't see anything wrong with the photo quality! I'm just seein' some cool late night scrap playin'!!

    I do late night 'stuff n things' too!!

  10. Not surprised you were tempted!


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