Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Bee Update

My fellow Free Bees, have by far exceeded my expectations. Although one of the blocks is still on the way...and it's a beauty, I couldn't resist playing a little. Just  a couple of collages here and there and the creative juices are starting to flow. The wonder of this project is that each block is work of art on it's own. I want to do each of these fabulous blocks justice. Once the last block arrives I'll link back to each individual, wonderfully, talented quilter.

No matter how I arrange them...they're fabulous.  I'm itching to start on this amazing project.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous block, making me drool just looking at them. Thanks you for showing them to us.

  2. Marianne,
    They look fabulous! This post has inspired me to get to work today.Thank you!

  3. wow! they all look so good together!

  4. There sure are some amazing and creative minds in your Bee! All the blocks are truly fabulous.

  5. You will have a wonderful quilt!

  6. This is coming together nicely - you are way braver than I am


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