Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free Bee for May 2012

Since I'm up to my armpits in shott cottons anyway, it's a good thing I can use them for my April and May Free Bee blocks, as well. True to my erratic quilting ways, I threw myself in to May's block for John without finishing starting Ethne's block for April. It was just the mood I was in....what more can I say.

John has us making totem pole type blocks inspired by Erin Wilson...well worth checking out. 



  1. Beautiful blocks, really beautiful
    I'm not worried about my block, when it comes it comes. You have lots going on at the moment (enjoy you Grandson)

  2. wow, your blocks are wonderful. I really love the way you put colors together. I'm also a big fan of Erin Wilson, though I've only ever seen her quilts online.

  3. Oh my, she is wonderful! I love your blocks!

  4. LOVE these blocks, especially the second one. There's just somethin' about it!

  5. fabrics are lovely, they soften the pattern, so lovely...I feel inspired to try myself!


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