Monday, April 16, 2012

Block Nine of the Oakshott Project

It's not just the piecing that is improvised. 
I like to improvise the quilting as well. 
 This is actually a very simple method of applique.
I'm using two inch strips that have been pressed in half.
 The strips are then stitched down, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Since this is a QAYG project, I'm stitching through all the layers of the quilt.
The strips are then pressed to one side and stitched down. 
Block Nine...completed. 
Block Back 
Nine blocks done...three more to go.
A little closer look.


  1. I am speechless - it looks magnasplendent!

  2. I love how it's progressing! Fabulous!

  3. Just beautiful!!! I love your work!! This quilt is just turning out gorgeous!!!!! Hugs

  4. This is extraordinary! Is this how each block is joined or just how you add surface appliqué?

  5. One of my favorites! You work if just perfect!!

  6. I am sooooo glad you're back from vacation. I missed seeing your gorgeous work, and this most recent block is terrific. It is very nice of you to share so many of your tips and techniques with us. That simple strip applique is a great idea. Welcome back home!!!

    1. Thanks Diane...I'm glad the tips are helpful.

  7. It just gets better. Those skinny strips really add a 3D look to the blocks and I like the pink you added as well.

  8. I'm so happy to see what you are making with these wonderful Oakshott cottons. I was recently gifted with some of this fabric and what you are doing here is a great inspiration for me:-)
    Thank you!

  9. This whole project is just so amazing! I love your quilting too. Can't wait to see the next three blocks :)

  10. Thanks for the mini tute! I was wondering how you do it - it's fabulous!

  11. you are so good, i really love the designs and colors.

  12. Marianne, I'm without much Internet access right now (in fl taking care of Steves mom), butt son called and read me your review and I couldn't let the day go by without saying thanks and how happy I am that you're happy with it. Means so much that you took the time to say so publicly.


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