Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who Does This to a Colour Junkie ???

There are 83 colours in this Oakshott  Samples Charmpack.  Now I ask you....don't they know what that does to us colour Junkies!!!
Help I can't stop....I haven't even unpacked my suitcase yet. There really should be a warning, somewhere on the package, of these delicious fabrics. 

Thanks to Lynne  that suitcase won't be getting unpacked anytime soon.


  1. Those colours remind me of your paintings! I think that you will just have to forget about the suitcase.

  2. i am still in a paralytic shock from opening my Oakshott box. so many colors!

  3. The last two images are so stunning.

  4. Not enough hours in you day?
    Ah, but you can see you are having a major fun session. This piece is amazing - more please....

  5. You sure are getting a good fix!

  6. BEAUTIFUL! ... I JUST GOT some Oakshott to play with!
    I cant wait! .. love what you did!

  7. Really beautiful fabric. Did you order it over the web. Also, I am a curves fanatic, so this looks like something I need to try. Your work is beautiful and inspiring! Are you familiar with the work of Ton Schulten an artist from the Netherlands. These colors and your way of putting them together reminds me of his paintings. Thanks for sharing this.


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