Monday, March 5, 2012

Drumming up Enthusiasum for Works In Progress/Distractions

I sometimes usually have trouble getting excited about projects, that I started way back when.....and trust me, I have many of those gathering dust, in my studio.  For me, this is probably the downside of working on multiple projects. Getting my momentum back, for a particular project, can be difficult,especially if I started it over a year ago.

So I decided to give it a go......things didn't go all that well. I soon realized I needed to use a different size needle, in my machine, as the one I was using was shredding my thread. Of course I was out of that size, so off to the quilting distracting.

And of course, within ten minutes I managed to create havoc in my nice, tidy, dual purpose sewing room. So what else is new??
So four hours,  six meters of fabric and a nice dinner later I'm home about distracted and they didn't have the needles I went for in the first place.
On the plus side....I did get my ten thousand steps in, walking to the fabric store.


  1. oh, boy. yeah the drudgery of old projects when so many shiny new designs are wanting to be started. oy. good for you for trying!

  2. Different color and different shape of fabrics are stitch with each other and make this kind of beautiful art.I really like this fabrics designs.

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