Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Beauty of Just That

There is a lot of freedom in improvisational type quilting, if you can get over the initial fear of "making a mistake".  Sometimes "mistakes" bring the most wonderful surprises.

I do a fair bit of improvising in my quilting, but this project is the first time, that I've just put an inspiration photo, in front of me and just started cutting and sewing. My goal is not to make an exact copy but a sort of "free form" copy if you will.

There's the photo.....from the Montreal Metro on my ipad

A little cutting and sewing......

and here we are.

The beauty of this method is there are no drawings to make,  free hand or otherwise, no paper piecing (to finicky for me), no templates, just cutting and sewing . It's sort of like jumping into the deep end, of the pool, if you don't drown you actually swim. 

Since it's only fabric....just how dangerous can it be!!


  1. This piece is fantastic! I love any type of geometric and this is a wow piece for sure!!

  2. I saw this on Lynne`s blog and absolutely love it. I really want to try and take more inspiration from where I live. I just completed my first improv.pieced quilt - a mini, and am completely in love with this style of piecing - so liberating!

  3. It looks great and truly you have the best fabrics too.

  4. You have such a fantastic range of fabrics which really turn your improv work into masterpieces

  5. You know, I have passed this same spot I the metro many times and I think I like your quilt better! Seriously, it made me more aware of my surroundings. The angularity of cities does lend itself to quilts! I really enjoy your work.

  6. This post is really inspiring... I love the graphic quality of this piece.

  7. Oh whee! Thanks for the show and tell. I am still having difficulty jumping into the deep end. I continually go back to making a pattern for "floaties". One day I hope to swim without them. I absolutely love what you have done. Absolutely

  8. I like both of these very much. I enjoy creating this way more and more. I still have a strong traditional voice in my head, but she is getting better about experimentation and improvisation. Now, all is need is fabirc like yours.

  9. Marianne - this is elegant. There is just no substitute for cutting and sewing without a pattern. And nothing is as much fun!


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