Thursday, October 20, 2011

Playing in the Scrap Yard......with my friends

Thursday is my official quilting day....friends and family know the GONE QUILTING with FRIENDS sign is on my other words don't bug me.  We unofficially and affectionately call ourselves BLOCKHEADS. We meet at my house, when I'm here, in town.  We talk, share ideas, eat, drink multiple cups of tea, laugh til we cry and sometimes we actually quilt. Everyone brings there own bag lunch and often, at the end of the day, we head out for dinner and/or a little fabric shopping. We were friends, long before we started quilting and amazingly enough, we are now all quilters.

I'm not all that creative, when we are all gabbing and laughing, as we try to quilt. I need to be alone, when I do anything, of any artistic merit. I've decided to have some relatively mindless projects on hand for Thursdays. Today I decided to play, in the scrap yard.

Some QAYG strips...fits the bill.

I love my Thursdays......with my fellow BLOCKHEADS.


  1. A beautiful bunch of strips here. A quilting friend and I were just talking about how the creative process is sometimes freed up with less than total focus, as when a friend is around.

  2. Good friends who are also quilters are the best! I am blessed with some wonderful ones - glad to hear you are too.

  3. Those blockheads sound great! I love your scraps, they are wonderful as strips.

  4. 25+ years ago, a group of friends starting quilting together once a month. And guess what? We call ourselves the Blockheads! They even call me the Blockhead Goddess! so from one Blockhead to another - Happy Quilting! Nancy

    1. Nice to know there are more Blockheads out there.


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