Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leaving the Scraps Behind

October has been a scrappy month, in my studio. Both of the projects I've been working on, started with me digging in my scrap bins. 

I'm ready to leave it all behind...... for some time on the West Coast.

Waiting for me is my new studio, with a little temporary corner set up......what shall I do with it??   Maybe I'll paint, since the room is still almost empty. Let's see how motivated I am.


  1. Love your colour and pattern combinations! Enjoy the West coast!

  2. Have a lovely time on the coast!

  3. Iu-hu! have fun and a lot of inspiration!
    and don't forget to blog :)))

  4. i'm sure next time we see the photo of your little corner it will be filled with guilting projects. there are some great fabric stores out here.

  5. Will you be anywhere near Seattle? Would love to meet you!

  6. I'm sure it will be amazing just like your quilting!!

  7. have fun and safe travels. look forward to seeing what you are inspired to do when you arrive. i'll just bet it will be fab

  8. Hi, again, well thanks to you I have just finished my first QAYG quilt. Moderately successful I think? learnt a lot in the process ! Have a look:


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