Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warming Up with a Little Scrap Play

Since I haven't touched my machine for most of August, I thought I would kick September off, with a little scrap play. I just grabbed some of my scrap buckets and started cutting and sewing. I've been inspired by the 15 minutes play idea

Sometimes 15 minutes is all it takes to get me going.  I often use this same strategy in other areas of my life...If I just do 15 minutes of paperwork or whatever else I've been putting off..... I can quit after 15 minutes. This way, at the very least, I start...and starting is usually the stumbling block for me. I rarely quit after 15 minutes especially if it's quilting.

Once I started I didn't want to stop....but company's coming for dinner.

I set up my machine so I could sew standing up. This makes it easy to cut a few pieces, sew a few pieces and press with just a few the design wall is right next to the iron. Robin from Simply Robin mentioned that she does this when doing improvisational piecing, so I thought I would give it a try. I think it might be easier, if I use one of my of machines, that can sew without the foot pedal...I'll have to try that next.

My thinking is if I have an area, always set up, ready to do a few minutes of scrap piecing, I might actually make a dent in my ever-growing scrap bin. Well one can always dream....


  1. Great idea - I find if I cut stuff out in advance it is more likely to get done - sometimes even in the same session!

  2. I like the 15 min idea. Especially for things I really don't want to do. And I agree it's the getting started that seems to be hard. Except to check out and get on the computer...hum

  3. Ditto, ditto and ditto! It is so wonderful to see you back at it girl. Now, if I could only practice what you are preachin

  4. Well, that's one powerful 15 minutes. Love the quilt in the making. I so love your style!! Hugs, Sandie

  5. I like the 15 minutes idea. Your sewing area is so neat. Do you spend another 5 minutes cleaning that up? A standing position at the machine, sounds awkward.

  6. Great idea. Interested to see how this one shapes up. Jxo

  7. Love the colors you are working with!

    The bit that says "hi" is so cute :)

  8. Glad your having fun with your 15 minutes play! I find it very satisfying and keeps me motivated, and ideas swirling! Love your quilt in the works! Let me know if you wan to post over at the site!
    now i need to post my 15 minutes now... ;-)

  9. Love the blocks you came up with. I have a "just 5 minutes" rule but that mostly applies to housework I've been putting off!


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