Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fresh Sewing Day.....some finishes

How is it possible that another month has passed? It is once again Fresh Sewing Day at  Lily's Quilts. Lynne has come up with another fantastic idea.

Here is a chance for small blogs to interact with each other and for everyone else to meet some new bloggers. So scary when you first start blogging....remember????

Small Blog Meet

And now, on to what I've been working on this past month.

Dresden Gone Urban....finished.

Dresden Gone Urban (back) 

Answered the call of the Hexalong

 Strips on Stripes.....finished

Strips on Stripes.......Back

Fairly productive, I would say.....I might not fair so well for the month of August. I'll be visiting with my kid's from Montreal and throwing in a move on the west coast. The plus side is, I will end up with a larger West Coast Studio than I had before....yay!!!!


  1. What beautiful projects! I especially love Dresden gone Urban - the back too!

  2. enjoy your family ~ and good luck with the move!
    all quilts look fab :)

  3. Your quilts are simply awesome and such a pleasure to look at- total eye candy. I read your posts on fabric shopping- it looks like you also use some hand dyes. IF that is correct, do you dye your own or purchase? If that is incorrect, and they are commercial, what kind of fabric is it???

  4. i always enjoy visiting your site, your quilts are so beautiful and inspiring. thanks for sharing.

  5. Such nice finishes, and a new studio will be a great reward for all the work of moving.

  6. All the fabrics are commercial....I buy from all over and haven't really kept track.

  7. Great finishes, love all the fabrics you use!

  8. Oh I really like strips on stripes. So creative!


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