Saturday, July 16, 2011

Went Walking....instead of Quilting

I had every intention of hunkering down and working on my quilt but, what can I say.....

This called my name.

 As I walked, soaking in the sunshine, I found myself being intrigued by the various stages in nature. The fresh bloom beside the withered one....the sapling beside the driftwood....the children throwing rocks in the water....the lovely elderly lady sitting on the bench.

And so it is, in many aspects of our lives, including our creative journey.


  1. If I had that outside my door you can be sure I wouldn't be at the sewing machine!

  2. Ditto what Corina said. You have lots of self control to get any quilting done. Love the pictures and the metaphors.

  3. Oh, I'd be outside and walking too if I lived in such a place. Breathtaking!

  4. ahhh :) I'd go walking, too! What a beautiful, beautiful locale you have!!


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