Friday, July 22, 2011

Speaking of Hexagons

Speaking of hexagons....I've only ever made one hexagon quilt and that was in the year 2008.

I made this baby quilt using the Super 60 ruler.

Here is a bit of a close up.
I had lots of fun today, playing with this log cabin type, strip method....highly addictive.
I couldn't stop playing....just what I need another project, that has a tendency to grow, at an alarming rate. There are lots of possibilities, floating around my head, for this method.


  1. Ooooh you're lurring me further into this hexie addiction, because I also LOVE log cabin! Aaagh, must resist! Jxo

  2. That does look like fun, many possibilities! I just saw on your side bar "Life is a quilt waiting to happen". You are so right and what a great way to look at life! You have inspired me today, thanks!

  3. FANTASTIC baby quilt! LOVE those colors all together! You always amaze me - thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are going to be great! And very nice taste you had a few years back!

  5. I love the new concentric hexie play! And this is your first attempt? Way to go, girl!

  6. you are one busy lady!
    I just got my machine back, I'm so happy!!!

  7. Both quilts are over the top! You inspire me to do one also!

  8. oh geez. you are a hexagon genius too!


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