Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just a Little Bit Closer.....

Just a little bit closer....you're my kind quilt...and the night is so long......Oh dear, am I about to burst out in song, maybe not.

Just a little bit closer.........mm....mm...(that's me humming in case you're wondering)
And that's it ......until the quilt is finished.

Alright just one more....I just joined the last row.

And just one more.......that's really it this time.


  1. Look at you go, as you are singing along. I would love to get an up close touchy-feely of that one. It is wonderful.

  2. Oh it's beautiful!!! I'd LOVE to see it in person.. any chance?

  3. What a beast of a quilt! Is it still growing? Looks amazing! Jxo

  4. Beautiful! The texture the stripes and the quilting give it is amazing.

  5. My goodness, this quilt is really spectacular. Now we're going to have to hunt down all your "in progress" posts. Thanks for sharing - your work is wonderful.

  6. Love it! Thanks to you I now have an obsession with stripes. I never used striped fabric before, never had a need for it, was quite happy without it. Now I see stripes and my heartbeat quickens and I get giddy, walking to the cutting table yelling "I need a metre of each!"

  7. Great stripey quilts - so vibrant! I need to get my stripes all cut up!


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