Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deja Vu Wednesday

I was definitely having  a deja vu moment, as I tip toed down to my studio this afternoon. Toddler asleep....puppy asleep and I'm down here doing some nap time quilting. Wednesday is the day, I babysit my fifteen month old granddaughter and her new sheltie puppy. It brings back the days when I was home with my four little ones...nap times were sacred and often used for a little something creative.....

Look at what I accomplished........ I finally finished quilting all the squares for Lily's Quilts QAL. 

Here are the backs. Now I just have to join them all together.


  1. It is looking great! This quilt just seems so dramatic and bold, I am looking forward to seeing it all joined together.

  2. wooohooo! these blocks are stunning. it will be interesting to see how you choose to sash them.

  3. I love it, great choice of fabric, thanks again for inspiring me to step out of my box.

  4. love this there a pattern? would love to do this in brights!!

  5. Oh wel done - they are very striking! What a stunning quilt this will be!

  6. Beautiful! (and Yippee for sleeping toddlers and puppies... I bet they are adorable asleep or awake!)

  7. Haha I just had to double check that I had the blog author correct when I read your post and it said your toddler was asleep... then I read a little further and it all made sense lol... the blocks look fab! Xx

  8. I'm loving reading about the process of your QAYG method.
    But I have a question: I understand how you add borders using this method and then quilt them after they're attached. But I'm not sure how you go about attaching 2 blocks to each other that are already quilted and backed. Any advice?
    Andi :-)


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