Monday, May 23, 2011

My Lazy Take on Ticker Tape

I watch in fascination, as all the Ticker Tape quilts emerge on Flickr.....beautiful as they are, gluing down and sewing around all those tiny's just not going to happen, I'm way to lazy. The what if factor has a way of kicking in at this point. First of all forget the glue thing and use bigger pieces. Then the biggest time saver of all, stitch the majority of  the pieces, in straight lines...continue stitching on the back ground fabric between the pieces, rather than stitching around each piece.

I found some larger squares left over from another project and decided to play around a little. I laid them on the yellow background fabric, which I spray basted to the batting first. I also spray basted the backing to the batting as well.

I drew a few lines to keep things a little straight. I am going to use a zig zag  stitch to sew the pieces down. A pin or two seems to be I will be using a walking foot

I am stitching through all the layers at same time. As you can see, I am stitching all the raw edges down with a zig zag stitch, but I am just crossing right over, to each piece, instead of going around each piece.

I then added some straight quilting lines.

Here is the back of the block...all quilted.
This is just a very simple example of what can be done.

I'll join the blocks with strips, after all the blocks are finished. So if you have been intimidated by sewing down all those little pieces, be like me and take the lazy way out. This is a great way to use up some scraps.


  1. I like the idea of bigger. My thought was to do wavy line quilting across the whole quilt and leave the edges raw. I think it will work better with bigger scraps! Thanks! I love the look of the batik ground.

  2. Brilliant. I will definately try this. Thanks for inspiring me...again.

  3. Great idea! This is looking good.

  4. That is a great ideal ~ looks good!
    Hope you are enjoying your day!

  5. I like that Marianne! Great idea!!

  6. as always, I love your colors and the contemporary look...what size squares did you start with?

  7. Thanks, the back ground square is 15x19 and the square scraps were 5 1/2 " before I started playing with them.

  8. Oh, thank you. I'm in the throes of a another project right now and have no business starting a another, but this might be the ticket! Or the ticker . . . whatever. Those little bitty pieces turned me off - this is a great alternative!


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