Friday, May 6, 2011

Making Progress...But Could Get Distracted

I'm making good progress on the blocks for Lily's Quilts QAL
Four blocks quilted and five to go.
I'm making progress but could be distracted quite easily. What could possibly distract me??

This little goodie, that arrived this new ipad.

After literally hijacking my husband's ipad, during our sailing trip.....yes there were some raised eyebrows when I asked him if he had seen MY ipad....I talked him into buying me one, of my very own, for my birthday. It arrived this week, the newest version I might add. A better woman would have let him have newer model but, but I'm not that better woman. 

Now let's see what this little wonder is capable of......Wow, I can blog from anywhere now.


  1. I was able to stick to the higher ground and not have my own iPad until I figured out how to put some of my quilting and photography books on it. Then, of course it became a necessary tool rather than something to play with. But, those darn Angry Birds won't keep quiet. My phone is now gathering dust. Have fun.

  2. The blocks look good! And nice new toy!

  3. I can't wait to discover all the possibilities.

  4. The quilt is looking good! The new ipad, well of course you need it!

  5. I am eager to hear how you do blogging from your new iPad. I've never had success, largely because it doesn't support Flash--and that I am kind of stupid with techie stuff.

  6. Lucky lady! Happy birthday and happy mother's day

  7. So much FUN! Let me know how you like it. I was thinking of getting one, but just wasn't sure. The blocks are looking good! Happy Mothers Day!

  8. ooooh swooning! Nice new toy! - And I'm not that better woman either LOL...


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