Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a Little Test Run....for a Bigger idea

I've had this idea for a long time, I just haven't done to much about it. Now when I have many other things (I should be doing) and multiple projects on the go....I start to fool around with it. I just grabbed a few scraps and started playing.

I am liking the black thread...something I've not quilted very much with.
I used raw edge applique for the circles....something I won't be doing for the actual project. I think I will use inset seams instead....just a little more finished looking.

These test squares or almost mini quilts can be very valuable in making some of these decisions.


  1. are set as no-reply so I'll just thank you here.

  2. Very cool.. it's almost art nouveau-ish

  3. When we knit, we are always making swatches. I am not sure why quilters seem to rarely do it. Your tests are looking interesting, I look forward to seeing the actual project.

  4. Thanks Sarah, again I'll thank you here, as you are set as no-reply.

  5. well, i love this experiment! it's always scary to me to use contrasting thread for quilting, but it really works here. do more!

  6. Test squares, great idea. I really like what you are doing. More please.

  7. I love how your quilted this - the right angles combined with curves!!

  8. It is my lucky evening to find your talent and your blog!!! I was visiting Fiberliscious and Nifty this evening and was led to you!!! Oh, you are a feast for inspiration. Looking forward to visiting often and Celebrating your artistry. Happy Monday! Em at If you click on my photo it takes you to a hacked site .....


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