Saturday, May 14, 2011

Help...Not Enough Room on the Design Wall

These blocks are multiplying like crazy. The trouble with working with these over sized blocks is there's just not enough room on the design wall.

These blocks come together really quickly....I have nineteen made. What next??? I'm not sure.

I'm using shot cottons by Kaffe Fassett....they are soft with a little give....perfect for curves. I decided to press these seams open, something I haven't done with curved seams before. I find it works really well.

The colours of these fabrics are amazing.


  1. SO SO SO FUN!!!!! I am playing with Diane Hire's book CURVACIOUS quilts and when I saw you on the sidebar of Nifty QUilts...I giggled out loud. I love what you are making!!! Come by and take a peek at mine if you have a minute, Em

  2. i like the design and all the colors

  3. I notice when the blocks are on the design wall, it appears as if soaring white birds are in the center. I love that look!!


  4. Hi April
    Since you are set at no-reply, I'll answer here. I noticed that too.....I plan to make use of that some time but not this time around. Thanks.

  5. Pressing curves open...never even occurred to me, but it makes total sense now that you say it. I'm going to try it with the blocks i'm working on today. have i ever told you i like how you think?

  6. Your quilts are amazing! I would hope to be half as inspired ;)


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